Sunday, 29 August 2010

Glamourous Gadget


With technology booming and gadgets improving, everyone wants to be part of the new movement that geniuses are creating. Technology is something that is forever being upgraded and rediscovered, there's always something new that we don't know about.

This year had the launch of the forever waited "iPAD", the latest invention by the remarkable minds at Apple inc. The whole world was waiting for that day, when they could get their hands on their very own "iPAD".

This high-tec phenomenal, created major impact on the celebrity world with every A-lister, wanting to get their hands on this must-have accessory. Many have been photographed by paparazzi, clutching their iPads, while in the bustle of their everyday lives. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan and many more have been spotted with the iPad.

This craze is turning the technological creation into a NEW MUST-HAVE ACCESSORY.

The fashion world has also made their mark on this new high-tec obsession. Designers such as Oscar De la Renta, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc, have created many new case clutches for the device. Fashion is always there to add a little more GROOVE into the GADGETS. -

Sunday, 22 August 2010


This season for AUTUMN/WINTER, the shearling jacket is a must-have. With designers creating their own style of shearling jackets, the fashion world has gone crazy over sheep’s fur. Original Shearling Jackets use wool from sheep to line jackets, and unique and stylish visual effect. I adore the different styles that are available and have been walking the runways, with oversized collar designs, short or long lengths, waistcoats and the use of zips as added design features.
You can easily style your jacket with anything from dresses, for a more feminine look, to jeans/pants for a more edgy look. Its the perfect winter warmer. The shearling trend being used in this winter's boot trend.-

Photography's from: Chrisopher Kane, Burberry, Ralph Lauren & Topshop Unique Boutique.

Thursday, 19 August 2010


ANGEL JACKSON is a fresh brand launched in 2005.

It was created by two sisters, who were determined to create an international fashion label. They wanted their products to be made in good working conditions, and their aim was also to be recognized for their well designed, stylish and glamourous accessories.

They have made their stand and become adored by celebrities and honored by the press. They over all brand style is described as: "Stylish, super chic and with a twist of underground edgy-luxe". I am really loving the personality in each individual bag and the way in which different trims and components are used in every unique design, adding more Drama. -

Available at: Harrods, Fenwick, Browns.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


I am in LOVE with the NEW Fall / Winter collection By BALENCIAGA.

From the Geometric to the collaged effect of the prints, to the different uses of texture and the elegantly used components of Fur. The different techniques can easily be adored by a wide audience, due to the outstanding originality that the collection holds.

The shoes for this seasons showed: block-heeled stilettos and brogues with the soles encased in chunks of plastic. It has taken innovation and the future of new futuristic designs.

I adore the creativity that has been taken and added into these new silhouettes to do unfamiliar things. For example experimenting with creating “wings” in the backs of many dress and using collage prints of different fronts of writing to generating a new fabric look. They push the boundaries of shapes, by creating triangular paper-printed tops, which can easily be paired with skinny jeans, emphasizing the direction of shape.

The fashion techniques displayed can be questionable on the issues of wear-ability in certain garments, but what is fashion without experimentation. If you have the talent to offer something new, then were else better to express it than in FASHION.-


Tuesday, 10 August 2010



This year the music industry added a unique raw talent discovered on the worldwide broadcasting website, YouTube. After being recognized by R'n'B master Usher, the Canadian born talent, later signed a record deal in 2009. The new teen heart-breaker JUSTIN BIEBER has been popping up all over the entertainment world and has got the whole universe "BIBER CRAZY". With his show-stopping sweet melody and ever cute skater boy style, he is defiantly stealing the souls of many teenagers... as the tabloids are observing, everyones got "BIEBER FEVER".

For this Months issue of ELLE MAGAZINE (U.S.A Addition), the pop sensation is seen alongside glamour star of the Los Angeles hills, Kim Kardashian. The both were both spotted in The Bahamas while shooting by the paparazzi, which got a lot of fan's sending hate mail to former Reality TV star Kim. She later on said in an interview with US, "Remember those paparazzi pics of me and Justin Bieber in the Bahamas!? Well, I can now reveal that we were shooting for Elle Magazine! I just received the pics from the shoot and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!"

I really liked the whole composition of the shoot and the way in which both Justin and Kim, set the rumors straight. The photos show two friends just having a great time, and both of their different personalities are well defined in all photography's.-