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What is this fuss about all these Cupcakes? What’s the secret behind them turning into the most talked about, baked treat? Are they really the perfect dessert? The answer maybe in their individual sized delicacy, making them a small enough treat to eat by yourself and a big enough indulgence to satisfy a sweet craving.

Is it their decoration? Recently, the Cupcake world is transforming their traditional classic look and experimenting with more different tastes and designs. With its versatile appeal, suitable for a midmorning coffee break, accompanying a girly afternoon tea party or a wedding reception, cupcakes are always more than welcome.

Cupcake's has become the new fashion food trend lately. With its unique and distinctive butter cream icing and unusual flavoring it has become an affordable treat that you don’t have to share. It is a heavenly sweet that is appealing to a wide range of ages, from adults to kids.

With the market booming for this scrumptious treat, even the fashion world wants to get their hands on designing for their very own Cupcake. Many fashion brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton have created their own look on the classic Cupcake, by incorporating their distinctive logos into these delicious treats.

Take a LOOK, at some MOUTHWATERING branded CUPCAKES!!!!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Manish Arora

Manish Arora

Nationality: Indian

Labels: Manish Arora / Fish Fry

Manish Arora is an Indian fashion designer based in New Delhi. He graduated from“National Institute of Fashion Technology”(NIFT), in Delhi 1994, a distinguished institute of fashion, where many other successful designers of India have progressed.

His collection has been shown in London fashion Week for four seasons since his debut in 2005, he later on went to France where he exhibited his collection at Paris fashion Week, Autumn / Winter of 2007 and 2008. He is now highly respected in the western and eastern fashion industry with his brand available in various countries worldwide.

In 2004, he signed a partnership with athletic brand Reebok, and designed a contemporary collection under his second brand ‘Fish Fry’ for Reebok. Since then he has successful been opening up stores in Kuwait, Singapore and Australia.

For this years, Fashions Night Out India, hosted by fashion bible Vogue, Manish Arora is lucky enough to be chosen to design the T-shirts. He has made two separate designs for each female and male fashion lover. His design features an Indian handprint used in his pop art collection. He uses a strong identifiable Indian element on a basic white t-shirt. He said that by “maintaining a minimalistic look, we wanted to depict the juxtaposition of India and the west”. -

Images of his T-shirts designs, will be COMING SOON!

London Fashion Week 2007-


Admired filmmaker Christopher Nolan strikes again with his mastermind film of 2010, INCEPTION.With an international cast in an original sci-fi, action, thriller that takes its audience around the world and into a new dimension, to the world of dreams.

Dom, played by Leonardo DiCaprio is a skilled thief that is known to be the best of this dangerous talent. He is able to go within the subconscious mind during the dream state, when the mind is most vulnerable. The film is inspired by the experience of “Lucid Dreaming”, which is when the sleeper is aware that he or she is dreaming, and can actively participate in and manipulating the imaginary experiences in their dreaming environment.

Dom’s rare ability has left him in a sticky situation, but also an international fugitive and cost him the love of his life. He is offered one last job, which could give him back his life, he is set the task to accomplish the impossible…. INCEPTION. Dom is set to reverse his talent of the strenuous task of planting an idea into someone’s mind, rather than stealing it.

With his team, he faces the biggest battle of his life, is he PREPARED for it? Will he be able to do the impossible....INCEPTION ?


My Outlook: After watching the film, I was totally taken away by the cinematography and mastermind skills that Nolan has created. He ingeniously shows a whole new look on the mind, and what it is able to do and create, taking you to a whole new world. You become totally engaged into the story, even if you do or don't know what's going on. You are constantly given information andhaving to keep up…. Pay attention and figure it all out. I DEFIANTLY RECOMMEND.-

Released 16th July 2010. Official website:


In this months July Issue of VOGUE INDIA, the fashion industry gets to meet Bollywood's biggest stars and hottest couple. They were featured for the first time together, after being married for 3 years, exclusively for Vogue. Mr and Mrs Bachchan are elegantly captured in a 16 page long interview, posing together in the wonderful backdrop of Istanbul. They both openly talk about their marriage, their separate lives and their future. Aishwarya is glamorously styled in a Roberto Cavalli gown, Gucci print dress,Stella McCartney Ruffle dress and Satin Lanvin dress (as seen on the cover). While Abhishek is seen suited and booted in LV, Dolce & Gabbana, YSL and Armani. Aishwarya's last appearance on Vogue India's Cover was in October 2008. -

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